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Weight loss is an issue among so many of us. Blessed are those who don’t need to. Loosing those extra pounds is more about being fit, look good and feel good. But it is definitely not a cake walk. Pushing oneself through the process and controlling those temptations is a tough one. But the good news is there are foods you can literally get drunk on without ditching your weight.

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APPLES: An old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but what if we say “even several apples a day can keep your weight at check”. Well apple is a miracle fruit. Quite affordable and easily available this fruit contains an average of around 100 healthy calories. It is highly rich in fiber and antioxidants which makes it a great option to binge on.

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    TOMATOES: Tomatoes and recipes are complimentary. Cook it, stew it, boil it or just have it raw, it is so versatile you see. It is basically a treasure with high antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, minerals and much more . Its nutrients are simply off the chart and guess what it helps you to loose weight.

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LEMON: Want to satisfy your taste buds with something tangy  just grab a lemon, it instantly adds that zing to your meal. Lemon has high amount of pectin which makes you feel full for a long time which makes it an ideal option against several beverages. So next time want to sip on something, how about a glass of Nimbu paani!!

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EGGS: This is an extremely rich in protein meal that can be included in our daily diet. It is one of the most popular breakfast option for a reason. It makes us feel full for such long time that we automatically consume less for the rest of the day. Eggs and recipes are endless, but better are those which needs less or no oil.

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BEANS: Beans come in several kind but all of them are little bombs of nutrients. These are again rich in protein and fibre, keeps you full for long, wards off your hunger and makes you consume less.

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FISH: Fish is a variety of lean meat which extremely satiating and protein rich.

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OLIVE OIL: Ditch your regular edible oil for olive oil, popularly known for its weight loss properties and let the miracle happen!!

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 MELONS AND CUCUMBERS: Once again juice it or chew it, but definitely have it. These are extremely high in water which constitutes almost 70% of the fruit. So basically you will feel full for a longer time.

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DARK CHOCOLATES: Yes you read it right! Dark chocolates are known for controlling your hunger pangs and has lesser calories than most of the desserts. So all you out there with a sweet tooth go and grab a slice of it.

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