What could be a better way to start writing a blog post than penning down something about myself ( actually typing down 🤔)…. welll I am a 25 year old dreamy small town girl who always wanted to do something that is not mainstream.. I have never been much of an academic person.. what attracted me since my childhood days was fashion and yeah makeup.. back den makeup was all about lipsticks, kajal, nail paints and yeah lip balms… I hardly had any idea what actually makeup can do to a person.. To me lipstick was the highest notch… then like every girl I got busy with grades and mark sheets and my curiosity for makeup took a back foot .. The turning point was when i got married.. Due to lack of good wedding makeup artists in town I decided to achieve my desired look all by myself.. I started exploring google about various make products, must haves, shades, types and etc… Then came YouTube… I was practically aww struck as well disappointed with myself after watching the videos… I felt like I was so unaware about something I always loved…. I was aww struck bcoz I never never realised what makeup can do to a person… slowly after learning a little bit about makeup I finally decided to do what I always wanted to… “Write”!! write about things that helped me to love myself even more, things that gave me positivity at times when I needed it the most, things that made me confident about what I am today… with a hope to help atleast some of you out there, I wish to start my blog “fashionburps”…. “every girl is beautiful in her own skin, nothing can define your beauty but You.. be confident, be fearless, be positive… makeup is a small thing but can make you love yourself even more… It has that immense power to transform things even emotionally…..!! ” (This is my own revelation, my life experience, my burps…!! 😁)


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