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Skin and Hair Care Tips for Monsoons !!

                                       Monsoon is around the corner and so are our skin and hair woes. Rainy season is definitely a beautiful time when everything around us in nature goes green, fresh and beautiful. But every good thing comes with its own drawbacks. Since this season carries a lot of humidity in it, we experience too much of sweating and accumulation of oil both on our skin and scalp. Our skin becomes quite vulnerable to fungal infections and our hairs turn limp. We also experience breakouts and hairfall. But every problem has a solution. Here are few tips to get rid or at least get some relief from our skin and hair woes this monsoon:


1. Since monsoons carry too much of humidity, it is important to assure that your hairs are always dry. Volumizing shampoos are highly recommended.

2. Shampoo is your saviour. Since there is frequent sweating and accumulation of oil on your scalp, washing your hairs at least twice a week is important.

3. Never skip your conditioner. Conditioning your hairs would assure you of smooth and frizz free hairs and therefore reduce hairfall and damage.

4. Pamper your hairs with masks at least once a week. Apply some home made natural hair masks for soft and smooth hairs. Banana and honey hair mask would be great this season.

5. Avoid styling tools. Styling tools tend to damage our hairs more this season. Because our hairs feel naturally damp due to humidity, styling tools accentuate our hair woes.


1. Cleansing , toning and moisturising is your best friend. Not only in any particular season but this process should be followed everday for a healthy skin.

2. Use an deep cleansing face wash at least twice daily. This would help in keeping all the fungal and bacterial infections at bay.

3. Use a light weight moisturiser. Since it is already humid, using a heavy moisturiser would make your skin greasy.

4. Never forget your sunscreen. Be it a cloudy day or any normal day, using sunscreen is mandatory. You can get serious sunburns even on a cloudy day. So never step out without applying sunscreen.

5. Pamper yourself with a face pack for at least once a week. It will ensure you a healthy and glowing skin.

6. Avoid heavy makeup. Heavy makeup would not only make your skin uncomfortable but may also turn out to be greasy due to excessive humidity. It often results in breakouts. So keep it light during monsoons 

                Apart from these having a good diet, drinking ample amount of water and leading a healthy lifestyle is the key for healthy skin and hairs.

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Summer skin care tips

Summers are already here and so are the famous skin problems. For many like me skin issues are complimentary with the arrival of summers. Right from breakouts to rashes, I had it all. So after some research and actually practising all the mentioned tips, I have somewhat been able to get a better and healthy skin. So here is my list of must do skin care tips for this summer.

                                                             pic credit: Roderick Eime

1) Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising:

The key to every flawless skin is to religiously follow the cleansing, toning and moisturizing regime for at least twice a day. Using mild gel based cleansers are recommended as the cream based ones tend to make skin oily. Toning is the step skipped by many of us, but is one of the crucial steps for a healthy skin. Toning helps to take away the excess oil and dirt from our pores. Alcohol free toners are the best. For moisturizer, it is a personal choice but the ones that have matte finish are the best for summers. So no matter how lazy we feel, never skip cleaning, toning and moisturizing your skin.

2) Exfoliation:

Exfoliation is the ground rule for every skincare routine. Since we have thousands of dead cells being shed by our body, it forms a thick layer above our skin making it look dull and unhealthy. No matter whichever face wash we use these dead skin cells can be removed only by proper exfoliation.  For normal to combination skin type exfoliating twice a week is necessary, oily skin type must do it thrice a week.

                                                                      pic credit:Zenspa1

3) Hydration:

In summers we get dehydrated very quickly and so does our skin. Water is your best friend this season. Be it plain or infused with flavours, just have it in plenty. Water will not only keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated but will also keep all summer ailments at bay.

4) Sunscreen:

Sunscreen is a necessity for everyone. This is important not only for summers but for every season, even on a cloudy day. It gives us protection against UV rays, skin diseases and ofcourse sunburns. No matter how busy we are, sunscreen should never be skipped.

5) Face packs:

Pamper yourself once or twice a week with some hydrating, refreshing and skin lightning face packs. Homemade face packs come as a great rescue this season. Simple kitchen ingredients such as yoghurt, aloe vera gel, sandalwood, lemon juice, honey and etc work wonders for your skin.
6) Face mists:

Face mists and cooling gels come very handy in summers. Face mists can be sprayed anytime and anywhere. It instantly freshens up your face and adds a healthy glow.

7) Light makeup:

Avoid using oil and heavy based makeup products in summer. Try using light weight, minimal and powder based products. This would ensure you don’t get those ugly breakouts.

I hope thesetips help you to get a flawless and healthy skin this summer.

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Weight loss is an issue among so many of us. Blessed are those who don’t need to. Loosing those extra pounds is more about being fit, look good and feel good. But it is definitely not a cake walk. Pushing oneself through the process and controlling those temptations is a tough one. But the good news is there are foods you can literally get drunk on without ditching your weight.

                cc licensed BY flickr photos pic credits: TipsTimesAdmin

APPLES: An old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but what if we say “even several apples a day can keep your weight at check”. Well apple is a miracle fruit. Quite affordable and easily available this fruit contains an average of around 100 healthy calories. It is highly rich in fiber and antioxidants which makes it a great option to binge on.

                       cc licensed BY flickr photos pic credits: Anthony Thomas           

    TOMATOES: Tomatoes and recipes are complimentary. Cook it, stew it, boil it or just have it raw, it is so versatile you see. It is basically a treasure with high antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, minerals and much more . Its nutrients are simply off the chart and guess what it helps you to loose weight.

                       cc licensed BY flickr photos pic credits: Markus Spiske

LEMON: Want to satisfy your taste buds with something tangy  just grab a lemon, it instantly adds that zing to your meal. Lemon has high amount of pectin which makes you feel full for a long time which makes it an ideal option against several beverages. So next time want to sip on something, how about a glass of Nimbu paani!!

                                     cc licensed BY flickr photos pic credits:Victor                                                                                                                                                                                                             ALMONDS: These tiny little crunchy nut is high in protein, fiber and vitamins which keeps you feeling full for a long time. So next time ditch your pack of chips and snack on some almonds. And yeah you get a bonus, glowing skin and healthy hair!!

                               cc licensed BY flickr photos pic credits: Harsha K R                                                                      

EGGS: This is an extremely rich in protein meal that can be included in our daily diet. It is one of the most popular breakfast option for a reason. It makes us feel full for such long time that we automatically consume less for the rest of the day. Eggs and recipes are endless, but better are those which needs less or no oil.

                                             cc licensed BY flickr photos pic credits:Jhon Loo                   

BEANS: Beans come in several kind but all of them are little bombs of nutrients. These are again rich in protein and fibre, keeps you full for long, wards off your hunger and makes you consume less.

                              cc licensed BY flickr photos pic credits: cookbookman17 

FISH: Fish is a variety of lean meat which extremely satiating and protein rich.

                                    cc licensed BY flickr photos pic credits:Dorte

OLIVE OIL: Ditch your regular edible oil for olive oil, popularly known for its weight loss properties and let the miracle happen!!

                                cc licensed BY flickr photos pic credits: Smabs Sputzer

 MELONS AND CUCUMBERS: Once again juice it or chew it, but definitely have it. These are extremely high in water which constitutes almost 70% of the fruit. So basically you will feel full for a longer time.

                           cc licensed BY flickr photos pic credits: Chris RubberDragon

DARK CHOCOLATES: Yes you read it right! Dark chocolates are known for controlling your hunger pangs and has lesser calories than most of the desserts. So all you out there with a sweet tooth go and grab a slice of it.

                                cc licensed BY flickr photos pic credits:James White