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Skin and Hair Care Tips for Monsoons !!

                                       Monsoon is around the corner and so are our skin and hair woes. Rainy season is definitely a beautiful time when everything around us in nature goes green, fresh and beautiful. But every good thing comes with its own drawbacks. Since this season carries a lot of humidity in it, we experience too much of sweating and accumulation of oil both on our skin and scalp. Our skin becomes quite vulnerable to fungal infections and our hairs turn limp. We also experience breakouts and hairfall. But every problem has a solution. Here are few tips to get rid or at least get some relief from our skin and hair woes this monsoon:


1. Since monsoons carry too much of humidity, it is important to assure that your hairs are always dry. Volumizing shampoos are highly recommended.

2. Shampoo is your saviour. Since there is frequent sweating and accumulation of oil on your scalp, washing your hairs at least twice a week is important.

3. Never skip your conditioner. Conditioning your hairs would assure you of smooth and frizz free hairs and therefore reduce hairfall and damage.

4. Pamper your hairs with masks at least once a week. Apply some home made natural hair masks for soft and smooth hairs. Banana and honey hair mask would be great this season.

5. Avoid styling tools. Styling tools tend to damage our hairs more this season. Because our hairs feel naturally damp due to humidity, styling tools accentuate our hair woes.


1. Cleansing , toning and moisturising is your best friend. Not only in any particular season but this process should be followed everday for a healthy skin.

2. Use an deep cleansing face wash at least twice daily. This would help in keeping all the fungal and bacterial infections at bay.

3. Use a light weight moisturiser. Since it is already humid, using a heavy moisturiser would make your skin greasy.

4. Never forget your sunscreen. Be it a cloudy day or any normal day, using sunscreen is mandatory. You can get serious sunburns even on a cloudy day. So never step out without applying sunscreen.

5. Pamper yourself with a face pack for at least once a week. It will ensure you a healthy and glowing skin.

6. Avoid heavy makeup. Heavy makeup would not only make your skin uncomfortable but may also turn out to be greasy due to excessive humidity. It often results in breakouts. So keep it light during monsoons 

                Apart from these having a good diet, drinking ample amount of water and leading a healthy lifestyle is the key for healthy skin and hairs.