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Hey Girls,

Today i am going to review the famous product from L’oreal Paris , the Infallible Foundation. To know why this has become such a big hit,keep on reading.

What L’Oréal claims about this foundation :

  • The Infallible Reno Stay Fresh 24H Liquid Foundation by L’Oréal Paris is a zero compromise foundation with 24hour stay and maximum coverage. It is totally touch proof, resists extreme humidity and erases imperfections without drying out skin. This foundation’s texture is perfect for brush application. It glides over the skin, sets effortlessly and delivers ultimate coverage without a ‘layered’ effect. The Infallible Reno Liquid Foundation contains Hydrating Hyaluron that provides continuous hydration for an  all-day luxury sensation and extreme hold pigments for the ultimate coverage and the most perfect professional complexion
  • Price  : Rs 1400 for 30 ml (You get great dicounts on many sites like nykaa,Amazon so do check befor buying)

My take on the product :
It has been in the market for quite a long time but recently underwent a makeover in it’s packaging and formula.The makeover has really helped it to gain more popularity. So coming to the review.

Packaging :
It has a pump dispenser which makes it very easy and convenient to use .Unlike many high end products like MAC studio foundation where most of the products gets wasted because you take out more than needed .With L’Oréal foundation you can take the right amount of product,so packaging is a big plus .Also it is very travel friendly and sturdy.

Texture,Shade and Coverage :

So i got the shade in Radiant beige 150 which matches my wheatish skin tone perfectly. The consistency is quiet thick as it is meant to give medium to full coverage . I like to mix it with any face serum to make it more creamy and easy to blend .Also the foundation quickly settles down,using a serum gives more time to blend it. It comes in 11 shades from lightest to dark that too with yellow and pink tone hence making it easy to find your perfect shade. It successfully covered all my pigmentation and gave an even tone look that i simply love😍.

One important thing to note is that no matter how good the formula or texture is all would go for a toss if you dont get the prefect shade according to your skin tone🙁.

Tip: How to find your perfect foundation shade?💡

1. Swatch a  thick line of foundation on the side of your chin.👆

2. The one which matches with your neck colour is your perfecr shade. (quick tip saves money 😉!!!)

Staying Power :

Stays for a good 9 hrs on me even on humid days without looking patchy which is big yayy.

Overall Verdict :

I have always been afraid of using a foundation as they generally look patchy on my skin. But this one changed my view totally, it gives a natural look. Though the price is little high but it’s totally worth it 👍.

reviews and swatches

Top 5 affordable summer lipsticks 

With the rising temperature and humidity , applying makeup brings its own risk no matter how waterproof the products are. We really can’t do anything for the temperature but we can definitely do something for our face.There is one thing which always comes to the rescue on our no make up or less make up days; a good lipstick.  Here are my top 5 lipsticks for summers which will surely brighten your face without making a hole in your pocket 😉

1. Miss claire soft matte lip cream no.30

Price : Rs 150 -250

This lipcream is my current favorite, it has a beautiful pink shade and creamy texture. Absolutely true to what they say it’s matte and creamy. The color is not an usual pink ,it’s neither too bright nor too dull which makes it perfect for any skin tone. It’s so affordable though the price varies from store to store .If you find this lipstick at any store do get your hands on them for they are difficult to find.

2. Sugar smudge me not liquid lipstick 07 Rethink Pink

Price : Rs 499

When we are talking about summer lipsticks how can we not include the sugar lipsticks as they are known for their vibrancy. This one according to me is one of their brightest and surely brings a glow on your face instantly.The shade is a stunning bright pink. The formula is drying but applying a lip balm before, solves the problem. It is insanely pigmented just one swipe and you are ready to go. Suitable for fair skin and medium skin tone.

3.Maybelline colorshow creamy mate lipcolor M103 ROCK THE CORAL  

Price : Rs 325

Coral lisptick is a must for summers. Also they are so much in trend these days. This is a perfect coral shade and surely brightens your face.It even works as a perfect neutral shade for fair skin tone. For dusky skin beauties, it might wash you out so beware. Affordablity, pigmentation and texture makes it a perfect lipstick.

4.Lakme absolute lip tint matte Victorian Rose

Price : Rs 650

It’s a unique and flattering shade.For me it was love at first sight. A perfect combination of pink and orange.Though the name says red but it’s nowhere near to red. Formula is litte drying and smudge free. Overall a must have shade for summers.

5.Sugar smudge me not liquid lipstick 05 Rust Lust   

Price : Rs 499

Last but not the least comes the most different orange shade i have ever seen. I have never been a fan of an orange lip shade but i did like it on others. I was always in search of a perfect orange which suits me. And the moment i saw this, i knew my search is over. Orange is a tricky color. If you find the perfect orange for your skin tone, it can do wonders else it washes you out badly. This particular orange is suitable for all skin tones and brightens your skin tone. Texture is drying like other sugar smudge me not lipsticks but the color is to die for.

Hope you all like my handpicked summer collection 🙂

reviews and swatches

Patanjali Saundarya Aloe Vera gel Review.

Patanjali Saundarya Aloe Vera gel has been launched for quite some time now. But due to its high demands and availability issues, I finally got my hands on this product now. 

                                    The goodness of Aloe vera enriched with sandalwood and kesar is how we can describe this amazing product. It comes in a clear tube packaging with a sturdy flip open cap which makes it a hygienic and travel friendly product. The gel is yellow in colour with golden hues. The first thing that gets noticed on opening the tube is its strong ayurvedic sandelwood fragrance which can be annoying for many.


The consistency is quite watery. When applied it spreads with ease and gets absorbed quickly leaving a hydrating and healthy glow behind. The gel feels cool and refreshing. It can be a great moisturiser for oily, combination and normal skin type as it doesn’t feel oily or greasy. For very dry skin people another layer of moisturiser may be needed. 

It claims to make the skin free from roughness and dullness which is true to a great extent as one can feel the skin hydrated and smooth after few application itself. It also claims to reduce sunburns, tanning, dark spots and pigmentation which is not completely true. It is definitely great for treating sunburns but dark spots and pigmentation can be get ridden off only by prolonged use of the product.


1) Can be used as a daily moisturiser. (Dry skin type may need another layer of moisturiser).

2) Great as a makeup primer.

3) Can be used for treating sunburns, acne and pimples.

4) Can be used in a face pack.

1) Priced at Rs 50 for 60ml of the product, this is the most affordable good quality product available.

2) It has the goodness of aloevera enriched with kesar and sandalwood.

3) It is not greasy or oily, hence great for acne and pimple prone skin.

4) Absorbs quickly and gives a cooling sensation, so great for summers.

5) Gives a soft and hydrating healthy glow to skin.

6) Natural product.

7) Hygienic and travel friendly packaging.

8) Can cure sunburns and summer rashes.

9) Can be used in a multiple ways.


1) Availability is a major issue as the product usually remains out of stock.

2) Strong ayurvedic sandalwood fragrance which may be disliked by many.

3) Slow effect on dark spots and pigmentation.

4) Not moisturising for dry skin people.

PRICE: Rs 50 for 60ml.

Overall, a great affordable and good quality product that can be helpful in Indian summers. It certainly is a must try product.

reviews and swatches

Patanjali Aloe Vera gel review 

Aloe vera gel has been a prominent part of skin care since time unknown. Since ages Aloe vera gel has been recommended for both skin and hair issues. Aloe vera can be planted at home and its juice can be extracted for use quite easily. But since it can be a painful option for many out there, Aloe vera gel can be purchased from stores as well. It is available from different brands but what turned out to be my favourite among all was the “Patanjali Aloe Vera gel”.        

                         The Patanjali Aloe vera gel comes in clear tube packaging with a flip cap which makes it quite travel friendly. The gel is greenish in colour with very mild fragrance. The consistency is partially runny which makes it easy to absorb. On application the gel gives a cooling sensation Which is great for summers. It doesn’t feel oily or greasy and can be great for oily to combination skin type. It gives a very hydrating glow. It feels refreshing and can be great for treating sunburn, itching, rashes, acne and pimples as well.         



1) It can be applied directly as a moisturiser. Dry skin type might require another layer of moisturiser.

2) It can be used as a primer before applying makeup.

3) Used in face packs and hair masks.

4) Great for treating sunburn, acne, pimple,inflammation , post threading and waxing, summer rashes and soothing itchy skin.


1) Priced at  Rs 80 for 150ml of the product , it is one of the most affordable Aloe vera gel available.

2) Travel friendly packaging and hygenic.

3) Contains Vitamin E.

4) Hydrates the skin and adds a subtle glow.

5) Can be used for both hair and skin.

6) It is a natural product ( though it has some added preservatives)


1) Added colours and fragrance.

2) Availability.

3) Added preservatives 

Overall this is an amazing product from Patanjali which can be used for numerous reasons in numerous ways. Highly affordable though availability might be an issue. But it is a must have in summers.

reviews and swatches



Since matte lippiers are so much in rage these days, I feel myself kinda obsessed about them. The greedy person in me wants her hands on all of them 😝. I had always wanted to try Miss Claire soft matte lip cream, but since it is a bit difficult to get I could not give it a try. But recently my cousin gifted me this and I had to review it.


The Miss claire soft matte lip cream is priced at Rs 170 (though the price varies at different places but it ranges between 150-200). The shade 47 is a pretty pinkish nude shade.  It comes in a tube type packaging with a black cap. The packaging is quite simple yet classy. It has its brand name written on the tube with some details about the product. The cap closes with a twist and the tube itself is quite sleek which makes it extremely travel friendly.


It is a beautiful MLBB shade and stands by its name “soft matte lip cream”.

The texture is extremely  soft and creamy somewhat like mousse soft. It takes two coats to get the perfect shade. The lip cream glides effortlessly on the lips and settles into a matte finish. The good point is it does not dry out the lips. But people with extremely dry lips would need to exfoliate and moisturize their lips properly before application.


The applicator wand is super convinient one. Its wand has a duo tip which helps to apply the lip cream with much ease.


The pigmentation of this lip cream is good. The staying power is pretty good too, though it doesn’t survives meal. Especially after a heavy meal it needs a touch up. You can hardly feel the lip cream on your lips, its that weightless.


This is a perfect everyday lip color,  would look gorgeous with a heavy smokey eye look and is perfect for a “no makeup” makeup look. Overall, this drugstore product is a big yay. It is extremely affordable and is a great dupe for NYX soft matte lip cream. For Rs170, this product is highly worthy.

reviews and swatches



Helloo peeps… 😉

Matte lipsticks have been in rage for quite sometime for now, yet my love for mattes refuses to decline. The market is flooded with variteeesss of matte lippies right from extremely matte ones to creamy finish. But my personal favourites are the creamy matte ones because they don’t dry out the lips much and since Maybelline being my personal favourite brand, trying out the colorshow creamy matte range is a must!! So lets jump into the review and swatches…

Pop of Pink  (M102)

The lipstick comes in a simple and classy jet matte black tube with a  thin color coded band around it. The case is quite sturdy and closes with a click which makes it quite travel friendly.

The lipstick stands by its name “creamy matte”. The consistency is quite creamy which later settles down into a matte finish. It adds an extremely light sheen to the lips but is free for any kind of shimmer

The color “pop of pink” is a pale or dusty pink shade with bluish undertones. To carry this color would be a bit tricky as it would compliment proper makeup only. For me it washed me out completely. It would be great for extremely fair skin tones and would not suit dusky or dark skin tones much. It would go well with a dark smokey eye look or if topped with a lip gloss.

The lipstick doesn’t cling to dry patches, does not dry out the lips or settles into fine lines. It is easy to remove and doesn’t stains the lips though it is quite a bit transferable.

Overall the quality and texture of the lipstick is great but the shade can wash out some skin tones completely if not applied with proper makeup.