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Top 5 affordable summer lipsticks 

With the rising temperature and humidity , applying makeup brings its own risk no matter how waterproof the products are. We really can’t do anything for the temperature but we can definitely do something for our face.There is one thing which always comes to the rescue on our no make up or less make up days; a good lipstick.  Here are my top 5 lipsticks for summers which will surely brighten your face without making a hole in your pocket 😉

1. Miss claire soft matte lip cream no.30

Price : Rs 150 -250

This lipcream is my current favorite, it has a beautiful pink shade and creamy texture. Absolutely true to what they say it’s matte and creamy. The color is not an usual pink ,it’s neither too bright nor too dull which makes it perfect for any skin tone. It’s so affordable though the price varies from store to store .If you find this lipstick at any store do get your hands on them for they are difficult to find.

2. Sugar smudge me not liquid lipstick 07 Rethink Pink

Price : Rs 499

When we are talking about summer lipsticks how can we not include the sugar lipsticks as they are known for their vibrancy. This one according to me is one of their brightest and surely brings a glow on your face instantly.The shade is a stunning bright pink. The formula is drying but applying a lip balm before, solves the problem. It is insanely pigmented just one swipe and you are ready to go. Suitable for fair skin and medium skin tone.

3.Maybelline colorshow creamy mate lipcolor M103 ROCK THE CORAL  

Price : Rs 325

Coral lisptick is a must for summers. Also they are so much in trend these days. This is a perfect coral shade and surely brightens your face.It even works as a perfect neutral shade for fair skin tone. For dusky skin beauties, it might wash you out so beware. Affordablity, pigmentation and texture makes it a perfect lipstick.

4.Lakme absolute lip tint matte Victorian Rose

Price : Rs 650

It’s a unique and flattering shade.For me it was love at first sight. A perfect combination of pink and orange.Though the name says red but it’s nowhere near to red. Formula is litte drying and smudge free. Overall a must have shade for summers.

5.Sugar smudge me not liquid lipstick 05 Rust Lust   

Price : Rs 499

Last but not the least comes the most different orange shade i have ever seen. I have never been a fan of an orange lip shade but i did like it on others. I was always in search of a perfect orange which suits me. And the moment i saw this, i knew my search is over. Orange is a tricky color. If you find the perfect orange for your skin tone, it can do wonders else it washes you out badly. This particular orange is suitable for all skin tones and brightens your skin tone. Texture is drying like other sugar smudge me not lipsticks but the color is to die for.

Hope you all like my handpicked summer collection 🙂


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