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Patanjali Aloe Vera gel review 

Aloe vera gel has been a prominent part of skin care since time unknown. Since ages Aloe vera gel has been recommended for both skin and hair issues. Aloe vera can be planted at home and its juice can be extracted for use quite easily. But since it can be a painful option for many out there, Aloe vera gel can be purchased from stores as well. It is available from different brands but what turned out to be my favourite among all was the “Patanjali Aloe Vera gel”.        

                         The Patanjali Aloe vera gel comes in clear tube packaging with a flip cap which makes it quite travel friendly. The gel is greenish in colour with very mild fragrance. The consistency is partially runny which makes it easy to absorb. On application the gel gives a cooling sensation Which is great for summers. It doesn’t feel oily or greasy and can be great for oily to combination skin type. It gives a very hydrating glow. It feels refreshing and can be great for treating sunburn, itching, rashes, acne and pimples as well.         



1) It can be applied directly as a moisturiser. Dry skin type might require another layer of moisturiser.

2) It can be used as a primer before applying makeup.

3) Used in face packs and hair masks.

4) Great for treating sunburn, acne, pimple,inflammation , post threading and waxing, summer rashes and soothing itchy skin.


1) Priced at  Rs 80 for 150ml of the product , it is one of the most affordable Aloe vera gel available.

2) Travel friendly packaging and hygenic.

3) Contains Vitamin E.

4) Hydrates the skin and adds a subtle glow.

5) Can be used for both hair and skin.

6) It is a natural product ( though it has some added preservatives)


1) Added colours and fragrance.

2) Availability.

3) Added preservatives 

Overall this is an amazing product from Patanjali which can be used for numerous reasons in numerous ways. Highly affordable though availability might be an issue. But it is a must have in summers.


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